Coursework Assistance: Citation Styles and Paper Formats

Coursework is assigned to a student during the study process to evaluate the student's grade in the course. It contributes towards their overall grade, which is assessed separately from their final examination. Courseworks may include some form of research or experimental works and comprise essays, reports, and dissertations. Although the students are allowed here to use notes, textbooks, and the Internet for their research, there are many academic assistance services available to provide you with coursework writing help and complete your work with quality information and proper facts to impress your teachers.

Citation Style in Coursework

Proper citations in coursework are crucial.

Citations may be defined as the recognition of a source or person who has contributed some information or fact to the coursework. The student must cite or mention all the sources of information used in their report. There are various accepted citation formats and styles, the most commonly used ones being MLA and APA. The professors rarely specify a particular type but give you the liberty to pick up the one that you think is the most appropriate. You can either add these citations within your text or at the end.

A poor citation virtually ensures a poor grade, and you risk being accused of plagiarism. As we have established earlier that citations have many styles and formats, they also each reflect different priorities with regards to authors, style, periods and date, readability, etc. Some of the most commonly accepted citation styles are:

  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Oxford
  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • Harvard
  • ASA (American Sociological Association)

Each style of citation comes with its advantages and disadvantages. When selecting a particular one for your coursework, pick the one you feel most comfortable with. Let us have a look at their individual styles:

  • MLA style is most suitable in addition to a bibliography in alphabetical order at the end.
  • Oxford citation style is excellent for print, non-print, and electronic sources when used and added as endnotes or footnotes.
  • ASA is used for citing referenced materials that are included as endnotes and footnotes at the bottom of each page.
  • Harvard system of citation for referencing materials is used as in-text citations followed by a reference list at the end of the coursework.
  • APA is mostly suitable for in-text citations to the reference material.

You may not have enough time to learn a particular style completely and then incorporate the same in your coursework. There are many expert coursework assistance writing services that are masters in their field and are ready to provide you valuable help.

Few useful tips for coursework writing:

  • Keep up with your assignments with regular attendance in classes
  • Seek help from peers
  • Try to write easy-to-understand professional executive summaries
  • Focus on the subject
  • Use graphics: a picture speaks a thousand words and illustrates your point better
  • Edit, revise, and proofread

Paper Formats Peculiarities

Every coursework writing is based on some basic paper pages. They are given below:

  • Title Page. This is the most important part of the assignment as it describes the subject properly in this section. Avoid inverted commas or any punctuation mark on the title page.
  • Outline Page. It follows the title page and shows the general data about the coursework. These pages are comprehensive of proper summary of the subject, foreword, and reviews.
  • Paper Body. It contains the understanding and analysis of the conducted research.
  • Work Cited Page. It includes all the references used in the body of the paper.
  • Appendix Pages. It includes Chart, Diagrams, and Tables at the end of coursework.

If you follow the Harvard paper format, you have to use Times New Roman style, with a text size of 12 points with double spacing. APA format is popular among American and Canadian writers. There you may use Times New Roman or Arial font with a text size of 10-12 points. In APA, the students have to write their names in the right-hand corner, followed by the instructor's name, subject, and the title of the term paper.

Some educational institutions may have particular rules on paper format. In case of any doubt, you should consult your advisor or seek the help of coursework assistance. Understanding these requirements is more important than getting lost in different writing styles.